Heroku This is by far the easiest installation method.

Heroku Deployment


Remember to activate the app. View the logs here.
Use this to initially deploy your discord-twitter-bot.

YT Video to Heroku Deployment

Further Configuration

You can go into the settings tab and edit the environment variables there. Head over to Configuration to see how environment variables work.
After editing the configuration you have to deactivate and activate the app.

Due to the way Heroku works it is not recommended to configure the bot through yaml. If you are interested in maintaining your own separate fork this could be an option.


The ease of usage has a cost. First you need a verified credit card in order to host the bot 24/7. Although this doesn’t cost anything a lot of people don’t have access to a credit card.
Furthermore Heroku Dynos restart every 24 hours so it is possible it might be missing some tweets during the startup time.